I’m an active blogger, and you can read all sorts of musical musings in the blog section of my website. This page touches on some of the other exciting writing projects I’ve been involved in.

As the Australian Youth Orchestra’s 2012 Music Presentation Fellow, I was lucky enough to write program notes and articles for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, including the 2012 concert Bachianas Brasileiras. Recent commissions from the orchestra have included Elgar’s Sea Pictures (p.16), Chen Qigang’s Enchantements Oubliées (p.8), Britten’s Les Illuminations (p.16) and Richard Gill – a profile in sonata form (p.12). Also as part of the fellowship, My article Australian music: who is doing what? was featured on the Australian Music Centre’s website and sparked passionate debate on the programming of Australian works.

In 2012/13, I collaborated with composer Andrew Aronowicz to create the song cycle Weird for soprano and chamber ensemble. The libretto explored the multi-faceted definition of a witch as the embodiment of social prejudice, female power and sexuality. The premiere performance of Weird, in which I also played flute and piccolo, is available on Andrew’s Soundcloud.

I completed my Masters of Music thesis, Beyond Incantation: Paths to the Interpretation of André Joliet’s Sonata for flute and piano, in 2013. Strongly linked to my recital preparation, it explores historical, analytical and performance aspects contributing to a rounded interpretation of Jolivet’s work. The thesis available through the University of Melbourne Library, or I can send you a copy.

For something a little different, I’m also a keen marathon kayaker, and in 2013 completed half distance at the YMCA Murray Marathon in Australia. 202km is a long way, particularly in a kayak, and I wrote a reflective piece to match! In the Murray’s grip was published on the Fairfield Canoe Club’s website.