Day 122 – January 30th – Snow and Frustration

Snowy downs

Snowy downs

This morning I woke to the first proper snowfall; white fields and hedgerows. Despite the cold, I thoroughly enjoyed the walk to class and could almost have passed Trevor’s house by and carried on!

I rather surprised myself in the warm-up by getting through almost all of the proposed exercises from memory without slips. Of particular note, I was asked to play ‘solo’ scales round the circle of fifths (C major, A melodic minor, F major etc.) with Trevor beating a rather brisk time all the way. Only two slips, and interestingly neither of them in tricky keys! I also managed the arpeggios on page 96 of Complete Daily Exercises all the way up to Ab without any significant slips, and it was playing them once through as well.

Snowy downs

Snowy downs

However, my performance in the masterclass proper didn’t go brilliantly. I started the Taffanel Andante Pastoral too slowly, and despite feeling like I’d put a lot of work into the character of the piece, was told that I was playing in quite an insular, nervous way. By the time we got to the Scherzettino, I just wanted to sit down, and dropped quite a lot of notes. Apparently that was better, though, because I was feeling the rhythm more! I recorded the class, and so need to sit down in a couple of days time and process all the information again.

There was a general sigh of relief this evening, as we’ve made it to the end of a very hectic two weeks. Though there are studies anew to prepare for Monday, we had a bit of a night off, watched some truly awful American TV and played the board game Frustration!

2 thoughts on “Day 122 – January 30th – Snow and Frustration

  1. Britain is one of the last bastions of quality free to air TV. “Homeland” excepted, all American TV is awful – how can anyone watch it in place of the BBC!! Mini ice age in Melbourne – 21C. Have been inspired by your blog to broaden my musical style so have started clawhammer banjo and playing my guitar every day. Should I blog my progress?

    • The question is how long the blog would last?! I bet you can’t beat my running total.
      In terms of good British TV, the new series of Silent Witness is great. Still not totally sure about the ‘Great British Bake Off’ and ‘Great British Sewing Bee’ though.

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