Day 181 – March 30th – Last Supper

Though tomorrow is the final day of our six months, my time in Elmsted and Hastingleigh has ended. This morning was final cleaning and packing (everything fitted into my rucksack!), then a quiet afternoon with a book. This evening we had our last supper at Trevor and Dot’s, though with a slight oversight about travel arrangements to get there. I had assumed that Trevor might pick me up with my big bag, but no, we were walking, and I can now say I’ve carried a 17kg rucksack from Elmsted to Hastingleigh! 

Dinner was jovial and Trevor wished us all well for our future careers. Now I’m snuggled up in bed at the New Flying Horse in Wye, and ready for a very early start tomorrow morning. Mum and I are off to Paris, Nice and Lyon on a well-earned holiday. 

I was told some while ago that Trevor’s flute studio is a cross between flute boot camp and finishing school. It has been both, and for now I’m just happy to have survived the whole thing and come out the other end. For now, my daily blog posts are at an end, and I hope the coming weeks and months will bring plenty of time for reflection. It has been an interesting ride! 

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