Day 4 – October 4th – Getting in some real practice!

Today was the first ‘free’ day we’ve had so far, free as in no lessons, orientation or Tesco trips. Instead, we had the whole day to practise, and plenty of motivation after yesterday’s lessons.

The figures are as follows:

Total hours: 5

Hours practising ‘warm-up’ exercises from Trevor’s Complete Daily Exercises book: 3

Cups of tea: 4

Episodes of Dr Who: 1 (I have to maintain sanity somehow!)

Feeling in lips: …

Trevor dropped by in the morning to give us some goodies from the bakery and bags of locally grown apples and pears. It was lovely, though we are now rather swimming in apples. I do suspect that he might have had another motive for coming round though; when the first comment on entering the door is ‘isn’t it lovely to hear all those scales’, I rather wonder whether he makes regular visits up to the dairies just to check that we’re practising!


Sunset over the downs

It rained for most of the afternoon, but at about 6pm it cleared just in time for the sunset. Down the road and round the bend, there is a wonderful view out over the downs, and I wandered there along the wet hedgerows. I arrived to see the still-ominous clouds streaked with pink and gold, as if someone had set fire to them.

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