Day 98 – January 6th – More fog

Bit of a funny day today. I accidentally turned my alarm off this morning rather than hitting snooze, and so it was a bit of a scramble to be ready for Trevor’s Tesco pick-up at 8:42am (on the dot). Composer and repertoire listing was slow going as usual, but I’d learned quite a few more than I listed so am happy that I’m getting plenty out of the exercise.

My daily practice started out quite well, and while the three hours on technique weren’t amazing, they were also far from awful. However, the final two hours on studies and repertoire felt like wading through treacle. Despite having played Schubert’s Trockne Blumen Variations¬†before, I could not get my fingers to move the way I wanted them to. I’m hoping that it was just a bit of an off day (to match the rather gloomy foggy weather) and that I’m not getting a cold or anything.

I’ve taken advantage of a walk-free evening to get a few other jobs done. Most importantly, one of the things I’m keen to do as part of my ArtStart grant from the Australia Council is attend the Bang on a Can summer festival in Boston, USA in July. I was on the reserve list last year, and am hoping that everything I’ve done since then will bump me up to being accepted. Who knows though, I just need to put together the best application I can!

I need to get motivated about running again, and am planning on heading out tomorrow morning even if it is a bit wet.

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