Day 169 – March 18th – Kids Concert

It has been an odd day, mostly because it seems so odd being here and doing anything even vaguely removed from routine! This morning, I had a Skype interview for some volunteer work in London once the course is over. So….from mid-April I’ll be working as a fundraising volunteer with the Garden of Ideas¬†project for three months! I’ll be busy, but am looking forward to having more of a balance in my life and to flute being part of a bigger whole again.

This afternoon, we all walked over to Bodsham Primary School to give the students a little concert and talk on the flute. It’s a lovely school, with only about eighty students. We played four pieces arranged by Trevor, and then talked about the way the flute works, and showed the children some different examples of the flute family. Trevor has some good tricks for this sort of concert, including a bicycle pump flute (like a big melody pop), a paper-covered headjoint so that we could chop bits off the end and raise the pitch, and of course a whole myriad of different world flutes.

The kids seemed to enjoy it, and I certainly did. It was really nice to perform outside of class again, and the task of explaining to little ones was refreshing. It’s a reminder that not everything in music is about fast technique!

Looks like we have class on Friday, so tomorrow it’s back to the studies.