Day 1 – October 1st – Arrivals and getting into shape

For the next six months, I’ll be based in a little village in Kent, taking part in the Trevor Wye Flute Studio. It’s an intensive, postgraduate-level flute course that focuses on refining tone, technique and musicality for professional-level employment and performance. It has also been described to me as ‘a flute finishing school-come-boot camp’!

I hope in the next six months to develop into a well-rounded flautist who is prepared to tackle just about anything, and am certainly mentally prepared for five hours a day, everyday! I’m sure there will also be challenges and low points along the way.

So what better than to set myself the challenge of blogging a little bit every day about what I’ve learned and achieved?

Today is moving-in day, and my huge backpack has been filled for the last time before I arrive in my new home. There hasn’t been terribly much time to practise in the last three months, and I’ve enjoyed having a bit of time off the flute. Since coming to England two weeks ago, I’ve managed to play for a few hours most days, and have been really focusing on tonal work and scales in preparation for the course. I was told that Trevor doesn’t like us to play scales with thumb Bb, so have been re-learning those ones that so use it. Not fun, and while some are coming along, others such as Bb major broken chord, And D minor and Bb minor in 3rds still feel like a train-wreck!

Hopefully I can find a little more time for scales this evening.