Day 156 – March 5th – Lambs

Lambing has started at Elmsted Court Farm! This evening, we all went out to the barn behind our dairy, and there were already several new arrivals. The lambs ranged from active and bouncy to sleepy little bundles who looked a bit bemused by their new world. Andy was amazingly calm and jovial, telling us all about the process and answering my reams of questions. We saw two ewes give birth, immediately setting to work to clean up their offspring. The lambs are amazing – often up and on their feet in a matter of minutes, and with voices to match. The barn was full of bleating, though mostly the sheep getting excited about the thought of food. Once the lambs are born, Andy puts them and their mother into a private pen for a bit so they can spend time together, and so the ewes seemed quite relaxed. I’ll definitely be back for a visit soon!

We had another chamber music rehearsal this evening, and things are starting to sound quite good. As I said the other day, our ensemble intonation has improved a lot , but we still need to work on settling into a tempo straight away and then maintaining it through the entire piece. We’ve been making sure that there is a lot of dynamic contrast to make the music really exciting…hopefully Trevor approves.

I promise a proper reflection on Julie’s class in the coming days, but for now need to head for bed. I’m off to London tomorrow to hear a piccolo masterclass, and will need to be up early.