Day 101 – January 9th – Wind and whist

Just got back from whist, and feeling rather in need of an early night after all that went on yesterday.

Today felt a little lazy, though I still managed to get four hours of practice done as well as making carrot and lentil soup, and skyping with some friends. This week I’m making an effort to spend more time on the Moyse articulation studies (Bach variations), which always get left until the last minute because there aren’t loads of notes to learn. The result is that my rhythms will be off, or right for the first bar and them fall apart. So this week they’re being practiced directly after the Moyse¬†25 Melodic Studies¬†instead, and will hopefully get quite a bit more time as a result. It’s been incredibly windy all afternoon, and very much the sort of day for staying inside snuggly and warm.

Whist was good fun, and as always I enjoyed chatting with all the older villagers. Alas, this month wasn’t as good for my score; I only got 148 and so didn’t manage any prizes. Tomorrow, I hope, will be a little more productive. I’ll also get round to writing a review of last night’s concert!

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