Day 70 – December 9th – ArtStart

This morning we woke up to the first really stunning frost of the winter, covering everything in a glistening sheet of white that twinkled in the low morning sun as we drove to Tesco. I should have gone out earlier and had a walk around before it all melted!

I ended up getting very little practice done today, partly because I’ve been feeling exhausted (last night’s class and rehearsals were long), and partly because I felt the need to finish off my history paper and given myself some proofreading time. Though the paper is not quite finished, it is just about there. I’ve written about panpipes, nose flutes, neyshakuhachi, dizi, pipe and tabor, and what feels like a million other varieties as well as Renaissance and Baroque transverse flutes. I’m beginning to feel quite pleased with it, but am now ready for a bit of relaxation and an early night!

Once the paper is finished, I need to turn my attention to the next big project. I found out a few weeks ago that I got an ArtStart grant from the Australian Council for the Arts for 2015, which I’m incredibly excited about. The grant is given to young artists (creative and performing arts disciplines) to ‘develop a sustainable artistic practice’, and it means that I’ll be able to do some extra skills development activities, develop a professional portfoilo and buy some things like wireless head mics that will be useful in future creative projects. While I submitted a detailed budget and plan for the project with the initial application, the list of things I need to do to realise it is quite incredible. Receiving the grant is, however, a really welcome encouragement that others see the potential of my music-making and are willing to help me achieve some of my goals!

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