Day 93 – January 1st – Halfway there

While New Year itself was rather anti-climactic, it’s now 2015 and I threw myself into the day’s class with fitting enthusiasm. It ended up going quite well for me, though I have to admit that previous knowledge of Joueurs de la flûte was a distinct advantage.

There are two main points that I still need to remember after the class today: ending notes properly all the time even and especially before I breathe, and correcting the position of my left thumb. Note endings is a big one, and I know it’s getting better. Being almost there makes it even more frustrating, as Trevor pounced on the two notes that weren’t quite right in the Leonore Overture rather than (maybe) noticing some of the other good things about it. Left thumb is a pain, and I just need to keep focusing on it and correcting it until it sinks in!

In the afternoon we did some more work on flute history, talking about flutes made from 1800 to the present day. Trevor has an amazing collection, and we were able to hold and examine in detail some stunning examples of Louis Lot and Radcliff model instruments. Not so much of a chance to play them, though I’d love to get the opportunity.

And finally, I need to spend more time on memorising the first movement of the Bach E minor sonata… we keep playing it at the end of our warm-up sessions, and I’m still not able to get past the first few bars!

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