Day 87 – December 26th – Humber Bridge and Scrabble

Up at seven, My uncle David and I decided to tackle the Humber Bridge on our run this morning. Though we made it both across and back, I have to admit that five and a quarter miles still feels like a long way.

We had my aunt’s Auntie Heather and cousin Paul round for a jolly lunch. More wine, more flute carols, then an afternoon of scrabble with grandma. We each won a game, though I was a little miffed to loose became I couldn’t get rid of both the Q and J at the very end of the game!

Back down to Kent and flute practice tomorrow.

Day 85 – December 24th – Mince pies and carols

Making mince pies...

Making mince pies…

Christmas Eve, and my ‘Christmas Day’ celebrations with the Johnson side of the family. We skyped with all the Australian family this morning, catching them rather tipsy near the end of Christmas catch-up dinner. Then I made mince pies under the watchful eye of grandma. Though I do know how to make pastry, I think she was just quite anxious that I get it all right, and kept wandering into the kitchen to remind me of what to do next! With our combined efforts, though, the mince pies tasted fantastic – not quite like mum’s, but also not far off! I had so much fun that I really didn’t mind too much how they tasted, and was pleasantly surprised┬áthat they turned out so well. Yum.

....and the end result!

….and the end result!

As for the afternoon, we had a bit of a relax, some presents and I played some Christmas carols. I now have a huge supply of chocolate-coated ginger, some warm socks and another jumper. Christmas time is family time, and it feels so lovely to be up here spending time with my grandparents. Round two begins tomorrow!