Day 78 – December 17th – Mince Pies and Enescu

I have to admit to not feeling terribly prepared for tomorrow’s class, as until two days ago we all thought there wasn’t one! However, Trevor confirmed that there indeed is, and our repertoire piece is Enescu’s Cantabile et Presto. Lovely piece, but a lot of notes for those of us like me who haven’t played it before!

I certainly won’t be putting my hand up to play in class tomorrow, and if possible I might take my turn at sitting out on this one, since I’ve played every other repertoire piece and excerpt so far. That said, I was pleasantly surprised how much of the piece I could get at least nominally under the fingers in today’s practice session – all the work on scale pattern over the last few months is definitely paying off.

This afternoon I finally got round to making some mince pies, though I wasn’t terribly pleased with the result. I bought mince meat ages ago, but never got round to making pastry, so then got some frozen pastry at Tesco on Tuesday. Anyway, the pastry was rather too thick and puffy despite my best efforts at rolling, and didn’t taste like mum’s at all. So I’m treating them as a practice batch for making proper ones and my grandparents’ next week, and will probably finish up the rest of the mince meat with my porridge in the morning!